More of our elderly are giving up on life

By August 27, 2013 Recent News

NZ Herald 28 August 2013
Old people are at high risk of suicide as they try to cope with living on the pension and fewer social interactions, a Wairarapa advocate for the elderly says.
The comments follow the release of provisional annual suicide figures which showed the nation’s highest rate of suicide was among men aged over 85.
The figures, released this week, were for the year ending in June.
The Wellington coronial office dealt with 58 suicides in the last year, up from 48 the year before and 52 in 2010/2011.
The Wellington office covers Wellington, Kapiti, Lower Hutt, Masterton, Porirua, Upper Hutt and Chatham Islands.
Separate figures for Wairarapa were unavailable.
Wairarapa Age Concern manager Charlie Fairbrother said elderly people were a high-risk group.