Euthanasia bill close to MP's heart

By August 12, 2013 Recent News 12 August 2013
People who have been self-determining, autonomous adults throughout their lives should have every right to choose when their time is up, MP Maryan Street says.
Along with Waikato’s Voluntary Euthanasia Society, Ms Street travelled to New Plymouth yesterday to speak about her End of Life Choice Bill, which is in Parliament’s ballot box.
Support towards the bill appeared strong in New Plymouth, with more than 50 people, young and old, turning out to listen and express their views.
Only one attendee, with Christian views, stood up to express his disagreement with the document.
The bill proposes euthanasia be open to people with terminal illness likely to cause death within 12 months, or to people with an irreversible physical or mental condition that renders their life unbearable – by their own assessment.
Ms Street, a former New Plymouth Girls’ High School student, said the topic of euthanasia was a growing issue that had continued to generate much interest over the years.
Similar bills have been through Parliament twice before.
In 1995, one was defeated 61-29, while in 2003 another missed out by two votes.