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Suicide a calm and beautiful ending, says witness

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The Age (Australia) 3 April 2013
A friend of Beverley Broadbent has revealed she sat with the 83-year-old when  she took her own life at her  home in February.
The nurse, who wants to be known only as Amanda, contacted The Age  yesterday to say that she comforted Ms Broadbent as she died on February 11, but  did not assist her in any way.
Amanda said Ms Broadbent drank a lethal dose of xxxxxx – the barbiturate  euthanasia advocates call the ”peaceful pill” – about 7.30pm on February 11.  She died serenely in her bed about 30 minutes later.
Amanda said when Ms Broadbent was waiting for the drug to put her to sleep,  she said: ”You know I could do this on my own, but I am so grateful that you’re  here with me.”  ”I said, ‘I love you, Bevie’, and she said, ‘I love you, too’.” A short time later, Ms Broadbent started eating a peppermint chocolate frog –  one of her favourite foods – and drifted off to sleep. ”After a couple of minutes, her arm still holding the chockie frog just went  slowly down onto the bed. All the time through the whole process I just kept  saying, ‘I love you, Bevie’, hoping that if she is hearing, this is what she  will hear.”
On Tuesday, The Age reported that Ms Broadbent had decided to end  her life because she was tired of living and felt the downsides of ageing were  outweighing the joys of life. She did not have a terminal illness, but feared  she would soon find herself in a nursing home where she could not choose a  peaceful, dignified death.