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December 2012

Professor speaks against voluntary euthanasia

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 NZ Herald 10 December 2012
University of Otago Prof Robin Taylor has spoken out against voluntary euthanasia, telling university graduates that arguments for this were “fundamentally flawed”, though they might be “subtly tempting”.An internationally-respected researcher in respiratory medicine, Prof Taylor reminded graduates of the Hippocratic Oath and urged them not to “contribute deliberately” to the death of a patient, even if this became legal.
Labour MP Maryan Street is promoting an “End of Life Choice Bill”, as a private member’s initiative, which would allow voluntary euthanasia, with a series of safeguards.
Prof Taylor urged each of the graduating doctors “when the time comes, as it probably will” to refuse to “contribute deliberately” to the death of any patients.”I beg each of you to have the courage to stand firm and uphold that core commitment of our professional lives, which is to save life when we can, to relieve suffering when we cannot, and never to contribute deliberately to the death of any of our patients.”