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November 2012

Even euthanasia advocates are disturbed by this story

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Channel 7 Australia 11 Nov 2012
Susan Potts was a healthy 89-year-old. She was fit, physically mobile and by all accounts living a happy and enjoyable life; unencumbered by the illness and disease that plague many others her age.
The former model lived an existence that Elizabeth Taylor would have been proud of. Susan was married three times, she was a wildly successful businesswoman whose wealth mean she could live a life of luxury on the Gold Coast (complete with a vintage Rolls Royce to drive around).
On 19 October this year Susan Potts gave an interview, which was put to air on yesterday’s program. She didn’t tell her friends or family that she had given the interview. She didn’t tell them what her plans were. She didn’t say goodbye. And then, on 23 October, she took her own life.
…The program also spoke with so-called ‘Doctor Death’ Philip Nitshke, who run an organisation that champions people’s right to die at a time of their choosing. Nitscke met Susan before she died and admits to assisting her and ‘thousands’ of others to access the drug they need to kill themselves painlessly. He defends the right of someone to take their own life, even when fit and healthy. In fact, Nitschke goes to far as to argue that legally the Government should allow people to access the necessary drugs from the age of 50, if they so choose.