Key admits blunder over euthanasia comments

By August 27, 2012 Recent News

ONE News 27 Aug 2012
Prime Minister John Key has backed away from his comments about euthanasia, saying his language on the sensitive issue was “a bit sloppy”.
Key last week said “there is a lot of euthanasia that effectively happens in our hospitals”.
The comment angered doctors who said euthanasia was never practised as it was the deliberate ending of life, and was illegal and unethical.
The suggestion could seriously damage the trust people had in hospital care of the terminally ill, doctors said.
Capital & Coast District Health Board head of palliative care Jonathan Adler said switching off a life support machine and allowing someone to die of natural causes was not euthanasia.
Key today said his comments were made on talk back radio. “It was in the context of a wider discussion about a scenario where I think I am saying the same thing as those doctors,” he told Radio Live. “They use specific and arguably accurate legal or medical definitions and I was using a bit of a general term.”
The Prime Minister said he was not suggesting doctors were doing anything illegal.