PM's euthanasia claim sparks anger

By August 24, 2012 Recent News

Stuff 24 August 2012
Angry doctors are appalled at Prime Minister John Key’s claims that euthanasia already happens in hospitals.
“We never practise euthanasia; euthanasia is the deliberate ending of life, and is illegal and unethical,” Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine chairwoman Sinead Donnelly said.
Mr Key’s comments could seriously damage the trust people had in hospital care of the seriously ill, the Wellington doctor said.
John Key stands by euthanasia comments
3 News 24 August 2012
Prime Minister John Key has sparked outrage among health care professionals with his comments that euthanasia effectively happens in New Zealand, despite being illegal.
The Society of Palliative Medicine says the claim is ‘completely false’ and fears it may make the public less trusting of hospital care.
Palliative medicine specialist Sinead Donnelly cares for 500 dying patients each year – she says her focus is helping them live the rest of their lives as well as possible, not helping them die.