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April 2012

Decriminalising euthanasia will open flood gates – Family First

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Newstalk ZB 30 April 2012
One family lobby group expects the flood gates would be opened up by decriminalising euthanasia. The issue has come under the spotlight again as Labour’s Maryan Street prepares a private members bill to give people the choice around how and when they finish their life.
Family First national director Bob McCoskrie is against the idea, saying it could be the start of a slippery slope. “When we decriminalise euthanasia, we then send an underlying message to disabled, to sick people, to elderly people, even to socially disadvantaged people, that they can be a burden upon their families, upon the taxpayer.”
Mr McCoskrie says they would then look to euthanasia as the perfect solution. He says research from around the world shows voluntary euthanasia, with strict legal safeguards and reporting measures doesn’t work. He wants a shift in focus.
“At the end of the day I think we should be focusing on giving people quality and social palliative care rather than sending a message that euthanasia will simply solve the problem.”

Medical Association firmly against euthanasia

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Newstalk ZB 29 April 2012
A fresh attempt to get a form of euthanasia onto the statute books is having no impact on the The Medical Association. It’s firmly against doctors helping patients end their lives….
Medical Association Chair Paul Ockelford says even so, euthanasia is unethical and cannot be condoned by the Association as a professional body.,nrhl

Strong public support for euthanasia

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Sunday Star Times 29 April 2012
The MP campaigning for the right to die has been buoyed by a poll that shows more than 85 per cent of respondents to a survey supported voluntary euthanasia.
The Sunday Star-Times reader poll of more than 1000 people also found almost three-quarters of people would help a terminally-ill loved one commit suicide, and that support for a law change is highest among men, and those over 60.
Labour MP Maryan Street has been working with the Voluntary Euthanasia Society on her End of Life Choice Bill, which would give people the right to “choose how and when they exit this life”. The private members bill will have to be drawn from the ballot to get a hearing, but Street says the reader poll had the highest support she had seen, with most polls getting 75 per cent backing for a law change. “There is more support out in the community for this than people imagine,” Street said.
She had seen a change since a 1995 euthanasia vote was lost 61-29, to 60-57 when it was revisited in 2003. “And, nine years on, attitudes have changed again.”
Her bill includes three levels of protection.
“The first is for the patient themselves. They would have to be tested by two physicians to prove they are of sound mind and understand what they are asking for, and the consequences.
”The next is for doctors, so they are not compelled to assist if it doesn’t fit their beliefs, and to protect them from criminal liability if they help.
And the third is for a loved one who agrees to assist. People who have been asked by their loved one, should be protected from criminal liability.”