Goff supports dying with dignity

By November 11, 2011 Recent News

NZ Herald 11 Nov 2011
Labour leader Phil Goff is personally in favour of euthanasia, and believes it is an issue Parliament will have to tackle again.
Mr Goff told an audience of about 30 people at a Grey Power meeting in Papatoetoe yesterday he supported dying with dignity. “For myself, I always want to have the choice of dying with dignity. That’s my individual decision.”
Mr Goff was answering a question about doctors who sometimes choose not to resuscitate.
In conscience votes Mr Goff has twice voted in favour of bills allowing euthanasia – once in 1995 and again for the Death with Dignity Bill in 2003.
Both bills were eventually voted down. He said he would support another bill on euthanasia at least as far as a select committee.