Key Says Euthanasia Should be ‘Discussed’

By November 4, 2011 Recent News 3 Nov 2011
Prime Minister John Key believes parliament should debate euthanasia laws – but it won’t be the agenda of a second term National government.
His comments came in the wake of the conviction of scientist Sean Davison over the death of his mother.
…Key said his personal view is that there is ”an argument for us to look at this issue.”
But should National be re-elected at the end of the month ”it won’t be on the government’s agenda. ‘ ‘You’ll appreciate that’s a conscience issue and so it is up to every single MP,” he explained. ”The last vote that we had was on a members bill some years ago. I voted in favour of it going to the select committee. I can’t tell you how the rest of the National caucus would vote.”
He was referring to New Zealand First MP Peter Brown’s Death with Dignity Bill in 2003, which was defeated 60 to 57 votes.