Perth family lash out after mum's suicide death

By July 11, 2008 Recent News

Perth Now 11 July 2008
THE grieving family of a Perth woman who committed suicide in Mexico have lashed euthanasia campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke and the WA mental health system.
Mother-of-four Erin Berg, 39, died in a Mexican hospital in May, a fortnight after drinking a bottle of the veterinary barbituate Nembutal in a Tijuana hotel room.
Ms Berg’s anguished family say her slow and painful death could have been prevented if WA mental health authorities had acted differently and have appealed to Premier Alan Carpenter for an explanation. ANDREA MAYES reports:
ERIN Berg did not die peacefully or painlessly.
After flying to Tijuana, Mexico, she was discovered on the floor of her hotel room, unconscious and barely breathing, with an empty 100ml bottle of Nembutal beside her.
Admitted to hospital in a coma and with suspected brain damage, Ms Berg contracted a lung infection and doctors performed a tracheotomy to open her windpipe so she could breathe through a tube.
She regained consciousness for two days but eventually died on May 10.